Seminar Topics

Whether you’re a working adult dealing with all the stresses of daily life or a senior looking to maximize those later years in life, this seminar series will provide insight into helpful alternatives. Yoga, mindfulness, healthy diet and exercise….cannabis can be another tool in your healthy living tool belt.

Discover new ways to Live A Longer, Healthier, Pain-Free Life. Expert seminar speakers in the medical, culinary, research and political fields will provide a better understanding of current alternative medicine approaches. Educational seminars will guide attendees to appreciate and learn more about how cannabis—when used in a safe and healthful way—can enhance a creative, spirited, relaxed (and pain-free!) lifestyle while avoiding conventional prescription medications.

CBD use and applications

Managing pain, anxiety and sleep-related issues

Women’s health and Cannabis

Cannabis strains and targeting your needs

Cooking with Cannabis (Chef Demo)

Micro-dosing and dosing guide

New medical research with cannabinoids and terpenes

Skin care treatments

The Politics of Cannabis

Technology and growth in cannabis

Safe Treatments for Canine & Feline friends

Cancer and wellness

[R]evolution of Craft Brewing with THC