Can the "Good Life" get even better?


The GoodLife Seminar Series is the premier life-enriching event, with a focus on educating consumers on a wide variety of products and medicines derived from cannabis and how they can be used to improve our health as well as our daily lives. The inaugural Seminar Series on May 11th, 2019 is presented by a management team with decades of experience in producing shows at both the Del Mar Fairgrounds and San Diego Convention Center. To participate as an exhibitor, please contact our sales department at (858) 208-3447 or

The GoodLife Seminar Series will showcase a variety of topics:

CBD use and applications • Managing pain, anxiety and sleep-related issues • New medical research with cannabinoids and terpenes • Women’s health and Cannabis • Cannabis strains and targeting your needs • Skin care treatments • Micro-dosing and dosing guide • Seniors and cannabis • Technology and growth in cannabis • Safe Treatments for Canine & Feline friends • Cooking with Cannabis (Chef Demo) • Cancer and wellness • [R]evolution of Craft Brewing with THC

The event also gathers local and regional exhibitors of cannabis products, all showcasing the best and latest innovations. Attendees will gather real knowledge that assists new and even experienced users who want to sift through the fact and fiction surrounding today's cannabis experience.